10 Things to know about BNA airport (Nashville)

I visit Nashville about once a month so I spend a good deal of time in the Nashville airport (BNA). Here are my humorous observations good old BNA with the 10 Things to know about BNA airport.

This Airport is So Tired…

10 Humorous Things to know about BNA airport (Nashville)

1) It’s desperately in need of a makeover. It’s so tired…

Nashville Airport Memes - Live Look at the Tired Airport

2) Kinda cool that they play live music. That actually is pretty cool.

4) Guitars everywhere. Yup…good luck good getting your bag in the overhead bin while squeezing it around all the guitars!

5) You tend to see a fair amount of “famous” folks there. I’ve seen Jack White and Trace Adkins up close in BNA.

6) Lots of hipsters. Hipsters everywhere. Suspenders and bears. LOL

Nashville Airport Memes - Hipsters

7) For some ridiculous reason my Southwest gate is ALWAYS at the end of the airport and involves a 3 mile trek. Come on man!

8) Easy security checkpoint line. Lots of room and they move pretty fast. Which is nice because the airport is BUSY.

9) Avis rental car sucks! More on this in a different post, but it definitely sucks in Nashville.

Avis Rental Car Memes - Travel Memes

Also, speaking of renting cars in Nashville…the rental car facility is a bit of walk from the airport (not really far enough to be a shuttle). Try making the walk in February…good lord.

Nashville Airport Memes - Renting a Car in Feb

10) For the love of God please put some paper towels in the bathrooms. Full hand insertion dryers are a joke.

Nashville Airport Memes - Hand Dryers

10) Compared to any Florida airport it’s heaven on earth. All Florida airports suck. Have you ever been to one in June? Kids…everywhere. Kill me now.

Florida Airport Memes

I hope you enjoyed this list of the 10 Things to know about BNA airport. Joking aside, while BNA may not be the greatest airport in the world, it does give you access to a great city: Nasvhille! And Nashville truly is a great city. Full of food, fun, music and more, it’s a great city to visit for business or pleasure.

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