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Essential Apps Every Business Traveler Should Have

Essential Apps Every Business Traveler Should Have

by Jeremy B

Your first business trip is fun. It’s novel, exciting even. But by your 20th trip, you find yourself spending a lot of time staring aimlessly out windows. You’ve been lulled into that weird haze where you’re neither working nor relaxing. Sound familiar?  

Note: this is a Sponsored Post by Anna Duin of UNA. We were compensated for this article.

Here are a few of the best apps you can put on your phone to curb both the mayhem and monotony of business travel. The first half will help you stay productive and on point. The second will remind you there’s more to life than flight delays and lost luggage. 

Critical Business Trip Apps 

Below are a few of the most helpful mobile apps, that will help any business traveler maximize their productivity. 

Simplest Document Signing App 

If you work in a paper-heavy industry like law or real estate, DocuSign is a must-have. You can quickly create, review, and sign documents with just a few swipes. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 

Highest Hotel Discount App 

Who doesn’t like saving an average of 26% off public hotel pricing? This exclusive corporate hotel savings program ensures you always get the best deal. Easily search and filter by price, hotel chain, or star rating. Sign up here. Once your account is created, you’ll get access to the app. Cost: $0. 

Easiest Team Communication App 

Far simpler than group texts and endless emails, Slack is perfect for group communication. Quickly share itineraries, confirmations, and photos. Store personal files for easy reference. Direct message colleagues, or share team updates by topic. Best of all, it’s free. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 

Fastest Flight Tracking App 

Yes, you could download the app for each major airline. But why do that, when you can use The Flight Tracker to manage any flight worldwide, in one place. You’ll get terminal and gate updates in real-time. Plus you can check interactive maps and airport information. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0.

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The No-More-Lost-Business-Cards App  

You probably get business cards all the time, only to put them in a pocket or briefcase, never to be found again. If so, CamCard is for you. It lets you painlessly scan and store any business card. You can also add reminders to contacts and sync across devices. Never lose important contact info again. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 


UNA is the most trusted and advanced group purchasing organization. Whether it’s helping you review your spend categories for savings opportunities, or providing procurement consulting, we’re here to help. We’re in this together. Check out UNA.com for more information. 


The Fun Business Travel Apps 

Everyone knows the real key to productivity is taking breaks. Here are the apps that will help take your mind off work, so you can come back refreshed. 

Free Audio & eBooks App 

Everyone knows you can get audiobooks on Audible, and eBooks on Kindle. The only downside is, you have to pay for them. What most people don’t know, is you can get countless audiobooks and eBooks for free. Simply use your local library app. Reserve and download straight to your phone or Kindle. You can keep your loan for at least 30 days, just like a library book. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 

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Best Airport Amenities App  

There are times when splurging on an airport lounge is more than worth it. Especially if you travel internationally, it can save your sanity. For twenty odd dollars, you can get wifi, a charging station, snacks, and a comfy place to spend your layover. To find your next rest spot, try LoungeBuddy. The app covers over 350 airport lounges, including their amenities and user reviews. Please note, the app is currently only available on IOS, but anyone can use the website. Cost: $0. 

No-WIFI-Needed Entertainment App 

Let’s be honest. Even if you manage to get free wifi at your airport or hotel, it’s usually not very fast or dependable. Luckily, you can download several Netflix movies and episodes in advance, for offline use. Which means you won’t have to haul out your computer every time you want to watch ten minutes of Parks & Rec. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0 (assuming you have a Netflix account). 

Fun Mobile Games  

If you’re ready to think beyond Candy Crush and Angry Birds, these games guarantee a good time. Play them when you have the odd ten minutes to spare and get the mental break you deserve. 

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Best Satirical Game 

Those with a dark side will enjoy the Guildmaster Story. Witty and plot-driven, it’s “a puzzle-match comedy about fame, misfortune, and working for nothing.” Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 

A Game for When You’re Angry 

Bad day? If you need a cathartic release, try Immortal Rogue. It’s described as a “hack and slash roguelike hybrid where you play as an eternal vampire.” Who you decide to hunt will determine the future of the world. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $4.99 

Perfect Puzzle Game  

Need an epic mind bender? Try The Room series. These games provide challenging puzzles, an intriguing storyline, and a slick interface. What more do you need? Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $1.99 – $4.99 

The Ultimate Classic  

It’s a no-brainer, it’s the retro classic everyone loves. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with putting Pac-Man on your phone. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 

A Marvelously Mindless Game

Want something simple yet entertaining? If you like Crossy Road, you’ll love the makers’ new game, Hang Line: Mountain Climber. The goal is to outrun calamity as you scale frozen mountains. Download for iPhone or Android. Cost: $0. 


Whether you love or loathe your business trips, downloading these apps will make your travels a little more efficient. And a bit more fun. At the very least, they’ll keep you from bleakly staring out windows.


Note: this is a Sponsored Post by Anna Duin of Una. We were compensated for this article.

UNA is the most trusted and advanced group purchasing organization. Whether it’s helping you review your spend categories for savings opportunities, or providing procurement consulting, we’re here to help. We’re in this together. Check out UNA.com for more information. 


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Essential Apps Every Business Traveler Must Have

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