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Keanu Reeves Walking Memes (travel style) – you’re welcome

by Jeremy B

Just finished watching Always Be My Maybe on Netflix (highly recommended) and if you didn’t know the ever awesome Keanu Reeves has a cameo as Ali Wong’s girlfriend where he plays a mocked up version of himself being a classic “hollywood douche.” It’s a hilarious part and Keanu nails it! There is a classic scene which has been blowing up on social media where Keanu walks into a totally douchey San Francisco restaurant in slow motion and in classic Keanu style. It’s hilarious. And, because, well, “Internet,” all kinds of people have been making Keanu Reeves Walking Memes…

Well…we love the crap out of the memes here at the CBoardingGroup (our travel meme section has blown up for us….) so we HAD to meme the heck out of this – travel style of course.

Enjoy! (also go watch Always Be My Maybe…it’s great. Ali Wong and Randall Park crush it! And of course, Keanu is hilarious)

Keanu Reeves Walking Memes – Travel Style!

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Keanu Reeves Walking Memes - When you get that first class upgrade Traveling Memes

Keanu Reeves Walking Meme - Your bag got lost

Keanu Reeves Walking Memes National Rental Car

Keanu Reeves Walking Memes Upgrade Suite

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