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Review Soy Bistro Brentwood, TN (Nashville area)

Restaurant Review Soy Bistro Brentwood TN (Nashville Area)

by Jeremy B

For the last three years I’ve spent 1 to 2 weeks a month in Nashville for work, Brentwood to be specific. During that time I’ve tried numerous restaurants (some of which I’ve written about). However, somehow one place escaped my attention. Until today. One of my employees recommended Soy Bistro. Here is my review of the Soy Bistro Brentwood Tennessee – an AMAZING Korean / Asian fusion eatery.

Restaurant Review Soy Bistro Brentwood TN

Two visits in one day. That’s how I describe my first experiences with Soy Bistro. Plural. 2 visits. I often take my employees out for lunch when in town and they picked Soy Bistro today – a spot a mere four blocks from our office and a place I’ve driven by countless times yet didn’t know even existed. I love Korean food, but for some reason I don’t usually search for it instead opting to occasionally randomly stop in at a place that catches my eye.

The Soy Bistro didn’t catch my eye because it’s kind of tucked away in a non-descript building on the wrong side of the road whenever I am driving out for lunch or dinner. It sits adjacent to a drive through dry cleaners (which is a pretty badass idea, btw).


5008 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 37027



  • M-S
  • 11-3 for lunch
  • 5-8:30 for dinner

Visit #1 – Lunch

We arrived at lunch time and the small eatery was slammed. There’s only a handful of tables inside with maybe 3 tables outside. The line was long and almost out the door. 

Upon recommendation I tried the bibimbap (yeah, not even gonna try to pronounce that). The bibimbap is their signature dish and it cooked and served in a skillet, The dish features white rice, marinated steak, vegetables, Soy Bistro’s house sauce (spicy-ish) and a fried egg.

The gal at the front was insanely pleasant and clearly knew a thing or two about customer service. As our group ordered she quickly consulted an iPad mounted to the wall near the cash register to show us a picture of a food item one person in my party had a question about. It was a slick nice touch – and great use of modern technology.

Although the place was jammed they move fast and a table cleared quickly for us outdoors. The food arrived pretty quickly – although each dish arrived separately – mine arriving last.

The bibimbap (I should have taken a picture!) looked amazing and it tasted better. The steak was juicy and tender, seasoned and marinated in a pleasant, sweet but not overpowering sauce. The vegetables which included kimchi, onions (white and green) and other stir fry veggies where crisp and delicious. The egg was cooked a little longer so the yolk was not runny (which is what I prefer anyway).

What was most unique, though, about the dish, was the rice. The white rice had been fried ever so slightly that it added a crunchiness to it where it had adhered to the skillet. It was an unusual texture, but absolutely divine. The rice alone was probably worth the visit.

Visit #2 – Dinner

I simply had to go back later for dinner. It was too good. I opted to eat on my own later that night and decided to try something else that had caught my eye during my earlier visit: Korean Tacos.

The Korean Tacos come with your choice of protein including: chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or tofu.

I opted for 1 chicken and 1 beef.

Again…no pictures (what the heck kind of blogger am I!?), but the tacos did not disappoint! The chicken was the better of the two with insanely perfectly cooked chicken. Plenty of Kimchi and veggies along with a different sauce for each taco. I don’t know what the sauces were, but they were delish.

I also grabbed a side of spicy fried rice and edamame. The edamame was nothing special – just edamame, but the spicy fried rice was so delicious.

The dinner crowd was light, but the service was again amazing. The same gal worked the front and remembered me from lunch.

All in all…delicious meal times two!

Final Thoughts

If you are in Brentwood (or Nashville) Soy Bistro is a great place to stop in for a quick, tasty bite served with great customer service and reasonable prices.

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