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Thai officials say Phuket selfie snapping tourists get death penalty

by Jeremy B

New restrictions will soon be in place on the infamous “selfie runway” at Phuket International Airport. Readers are probably familiar with the photos of tourists on a beach snapping a selfie while a landing plane flies mere feet above their heads.

According to Bangkok News, airport officials are creating a new safety zone around the landing area preceding the runway that’s popular with tourists.

Mai Khao beach is the area in question and a portion of the beach is directly in the landing path of planes headed for Phuket International Airport.

Long regarded as a must-see stop for tourists, Phuket airport officials have grown increasingly concerned about the safety of tourists and finally decided to clamp down more forcefully.

Under the Thai Air Navigation Act violators could be subject to the maxium penalty under law which is death. Yeah, you read the right. The death penalty.

Instagrammers and social media influencers all just shuddered a little…how are they going to get their bikini-jump-airplane-landing-gear-selfie now!? <snark>

Maybe Thai Officials could come up a safe “selfie area” that would allow them to generate some tourist buzz / revenue. Just a thought.


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