The 7 Most Annoying Passengers of All Time

The 7 Most Annoying Airline Passengers (A Travel Rant)

We’ve all been there. Stuck on a plane with an annoying passenger. Maybe it’s a kid kicking your seat. Or a passenger whose snoring matches the jet engine’s sound. Here’s my little rant on the 7 Most Annoying Airline Passengers (complete with a travel meme for each one!).


7 Most Annoying Airline Passengers

  1. The Kid who kicks your seat
  2. The seat back recliner guy
  3. The Big Guy on the Plane
  4. Perfume Lady
  5. The Lady Who Won’t Shut Up
  6. Guy looking at porn
  7. Snoring Passenger

The Kid who kicks your seat

The annoying little twerp who’s oblivious, hippy-loving, granola eating, everyone gets a trophy parents are not interested in applying a single iota of discipline to little Johnny.

Annoying Airline Passengers Meme

Someone please step up and parent this little guy already. Listen, we got no problem with kids crying on planes (no harm no foul they can’t control that), but straight up turdliness is uncalled for and one of the worst and most annoying airplane passengers of all time!

The Seat Back Recliner Guy

It’s kind of an unwritten rule. Don’t lean your sat back. We are all stuck together here in our little sardine can. Stop reclining your seat!

Travel Memes - Reclining Seat

The Big Guy on the Plane

I love how the big guy always picks the seat next to me. What karmic god did I irritate in a past life!? I get it, big fellas need to travel to. By why do they need to sit next to me?

Travel Memes - Fat Passenger

Perfume Lady

The lady who apparently has bathed and deodorized in the entire perfume section of Macy’s decides to sit next to me. #Awesome.

Travel Memes - Too Much Perfume

I don’t get people who wear insane amounts of perfume in general. Do you really smell that bad? But, when you decide to go that route and then jump into an aluminium tube with me for 3 hours…you go straight to the top of the most annoying airline passengers list.

Lady Who Won’t Shut Up

I think it’s great when the old lady next to me want’s to talk the entire flight between Boston and San Francisco. I would love to see every picture ever taken of your grandchildren.

Travel Memes - Lady Who Won't Shut Up

Actually, I’ve met some nice people this way, but sometimes you just want to watch Better Call Saul and be left alone.

Guy looking at porn

There’s always one guy. One creep who simply can’t wait until he gets to the hotel to look at porn. For the love of God, man. You might need some help. Instead of being the one of the worlds most annoying airline passengers you are just the grossest.

Travel Memes - Man Looking at Porn on Plane

Snoring Passenger

Who can sleep on planes anyway? It seems like the few that can are always loud snorers. And sitting near me. For a 4 hour flight. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. It.

Travel Memes - Snoring Passenger

Who are your most annoying airline passengers?

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