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The Expanse (aka Game of Thrones for Space) – Best Shows To Watch While Traveling

Game of Thrones for Space? Where do I sign up? In the first article in our new “Best Shows to Watch While Traveling” series, we introduce CBoardingGroup readers to Amazon Prime’s amazing science fiction thriller, The Expanse and explain why this is one of the best shows to watch while traveling.

Here at the CBoardingGroup we are BIG fans of The Expanse and were first turned on to this show by some of the best TV & Movie Podcasters in the game, the fellas over at and their Expense-focused “Beltalowda” Podcast.

Starting on Feb 8th, 2019, viewers can stream all 3 of the first seasons of The Expanse for free on Amazon Prime and the 4th season drops sometime this year.

Quick Intro on our new Best Shows To Watch While Traveling Series

As frequent travelers we spend numerous hours inside of an aluminum tube heading to our next destination or stuck in our hotels trying to fall asleep in a new time zone. Consequently, we often download content to our phones or iPads to watch during our trip to help fight the boredom that often accompanies regular travel.


In this new series we are going to periodically introduce readers to great shows to watch while traveling. We will provide a quick series overview, plot overview, highlight a few places you can find more info out about the show (e.g. podcasts) and more.

Our first show is a great one, too! The Expanse, which was recently picked up and renewed by Amazon Prime. Let’s dig in!

Series Overview: The Expanse


The Expanse is a relatively new-ish TV show that first aired on the SYFY Channel (Science Fiction Channel) in 2015. After 3 seasons on SFFY it was briefly cancelled, ultimately to picked up by the folks over at Amazon Prime after an extensive ‘save the show’ campaign by fans.


The Expanse – The Ring. Photo Credit: SYFY Channel

The Expanse is based on a series of novels written (well, still being written!) by the author James S. A. Corey (which is the pen name of the two co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck who jointly write the series). Daniel Abraham, interestingly, was a one-time assistant to George R. R. Martin, creator of the Game of Thrones series.

As a long time science fiction fan, I tend to be very skeptical of anything SYFY puts out because of their history of low-budget, B-actor productions that seldom get mainstream reach. However, The Expense is a bit of an anomaly in that it is a well written, highly stylized and suitably acted endeavor that continues to get better each season.

Despite incredibly poor marketing by SYFY, the show managed to gain a reasonably sized and engaged audience of committed followers, including people like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos who played a personal role in securing rights to the show after it was cancelled by SYFY.

While not achieving mainstream success during its run on SYFY it has been wildly popular among its core audience. The highly publicized cancellation campaign only created more buzz for it and both old and new viewers alike anxiously await the drop of Season 4 rumored to be sometime in 2019 – exact date still unconfirmed.

Already one of the most significant and credible entries into the science fiction genre The Expanse has all of the makings of a mainstream show with some suggesting it’s the “Game of Thrones – but in space.”


Here at the CBoardingGroup we are eagerly awaiting Season 4 and hopefully a long run of future seasons.

Plot Overview: The Expanse

Note: There are no spoilers below. 

In this geopolitical, science fiction, action thriller we find a compelling futuristic setting, a fascinating plot line, and enough hard sci-fi to pass the smell test.

It is the 23rd century and humanity has colonized space – specifically Mars. The Martian nation, now independent from Earth after declaring independence many years ago, enjoys a frosty relationship with the Earthers.


Spaceship from the Expanse – Photo Credit: Sci Fi Channel

Meanwhile, a 3rd group of people,  known as the Belters, occupy the various asteroid belts scattered throughout the system and do the dirty work of ice mining for one of the more precious commodities now: water. Belter’s are scorned by both Martians and Earthers as second rate people.

The discovery of a unique and powerful substance known as the protomolecule sets in motion of a chain of events that threaten to unleash a galactic war while testing the boundaries of racism and cultural bias and cunning political intrigue.

The crew of the Rocinante, a salvaged martian warship, are a melting pot of Earthers, Belters and Martians who continually find themselves in the middle of some of the biggest events the galaxy has to offer.


The Crew of the Rocinante – Photo Credit: Sci Fi Channel

The Expanse features a mix of familiar character actors with some relatively unknown actors and a few bigger names that viewers will instantly recognize (like Thomas Jane). The actors grow into their role as the series progresses continually giving more to their performances and this SYFY show is not plagued with horrible acting as is often the case on lower budget SYFY projects.

Why should I watch this Show While Traveling?

While the incredible special effects and big ideas about space are intriguing its the geopolitical intrigue and interpersonal relationships in this show that hook viewers.

As noted earlier, it has the ability to be the Game of Thrones for space with the right balance of political intrigue – at a space level – and action as well as romance. The sci-fi is acceptable enough that’s it not a distraction for viewers and only improves as the show moves on over it’s 3 seasons.

While imperfect (it still is, er was — a SYFY show) it seems to be punching above it’s weight class with all of the hallmarks of becoming one of the best entries into the science fiction space of all time (up there with Star Wars, etc). And now that Amazon Prime is running the franchise it could very well have the mainstream appeal that draws in casual sci-fi fans or simply just fans of good television.

Starting on Feb 8th, 2019, viewers can stream all 3 of the first seasons of The Expanse for free on Amazon Prime and the 4th season drops sometime this year.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime Video membership, click on the link below:

If you are looking for a compelling show with intriguing plot lines, big ideas, politics and enough space battles and action to get your heart rate up, The Expanse is the show for you. We highly recommend you add it to your list of shows to watch while traveling!

Where to Find More Info about The Expanse

Here are a few places to follow The Expanse or find more information about this intriguing show:

Final thoughts on our first episode of Best Shows to Watch While Traveling

We hope our readers enjoyed this first entry in our new series of best shows to watch while traveling. The Expanse is a compelling show and we anxiously await its fourth season. Stay tuned for more series or movie overviews to watch while traveling.

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