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How to eke out a few more United miles via Hertz (Travel Tip Tuesday #46)

by Jeremy B

If you are looking for creative ways to earn a few more more United miles renting cars via Hertz could be a creative way to snag a few more. In this post we share a simple, but effective, tip on how to score some additional United miles via the Hertz-United partnership.

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Travel Tip Tuesday #46 – Hertz United Miles Offer

We are planning a London trip for 1Q 2020 and as such have been targeting schemes that will earn us additional United miles (and Hilton points). Historically, I’ve NOT flown United but my new company is a United-heavy firm so I’ve been in the process of making the switch over this year.

As a result, the miles program we are looking to use to get us to London is United. What cinched the deal on this was that my company is actually going to fly me to London for business and then I am just going to stay another week on some Bleisure and have the family join me. Pretty sweet.

However, I still need to snag those United Miles so I’ve been on the prowl for new ways to earn United Miles.

One interesting offer comes via the United Hertz partnership. Here’s the highlights:

  • Save on the base rates
  • Earn up to 1,250 MileagePlus award miles
  • Receive an additional 1,500 miles when you book a mid-size or larger Hertz car for two or more days on united.com through April 30, 2020
  • Discount Code (CDP) 62455, Promotion Code (PC) 204508 and MileagePlus number required for this offer

See full offer here.

Unfortunately, I can’t take advantage of this offer because I don’t rent from Hertz (yes…sadly I am stuck with Avis as my company rental platform and while I could do a personal rental from Hertz I have no current need to do so). Hopefully some of you readers can take advantage of this offer.

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How to eke out a few more United miles via Hertz Travel Tip Tuesday 46


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