Tiger Woods + Travel Memes = A Masterful Blog Win

We, like many across the world, were glued to edge of our seats today watching the amazing Tiger Woods win his 15th major and 5th Masters tourney. But, being the snarky, jaded business travelers that we are, we also saw an opportunity to meme the heck out of this historic moment.

So, with all due respect to the greatest golfer of our generation (Mr. Tiger Woods), here are some travel memes featuring none other than Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods himself.


Travel Jobs Tiger Woods Memes

Stinky Food Airplane Memes Tiger Woods Memes

When No One Takes the Middle Seat Airplane Memes Tiger Woods Memes

When you catch an early flight home tiger woods airport memes

We’d also love it if you checked out all of our travel memes! It might be the largest collection of travel memes on the Internet.

Rental Car Memes - When you get to rent from National Tiger Woods Memes

We hope you enjoyed our lighthearted tribute to  Tiger this Sunday evening. Again, here’s to an amazing performance from an amazing golfer.

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