travel memes for women

Travel Memes for the Ladies

Recently I’ve had a few comments from female readers suggesting I might want to open my mind a bit more towards the travails of women travelers. I am dude…so…? Seriously though, I thought it was a good idea, actually. So I’ve collected a few funnies that might  tickle the funny bone (you tell me!) of the traveling women among us!

I thought about writing an intro about this that dealt with the life of women business travelers…but I quickly realized I don’t know what I am talking about…so rather than do that, here’s a few funny memes for the ladies based on my observations and interactions with fellow female travelers over the years (including coworkers, my wife, random strangers, etc).

(Note…this could go horribly wrong…I. AM. PREPARED….maybe).

Travel Memes for Traveling Ladies

Here you…travel memes for women that either are about women or featuring women (in common travel situations).


I have to fly united memes


Mansplaining Meme


No Upgrade on Delta Meme


 Passenger Reclines his Seat

Boarding Southwest Flights

Short Connection Meme


Short TSA Line Meme

The Middle Seat Meme

Take a quick pause and enjoy this video about renting a car…

Travel Memes for Ladies Other Girls at Airport

Beyonce Memes - Flirting with my husband travel meme stop it

Travel Memes why are you still talking to me





Upgraded to a Suite Meme

Volunteers Travel Memes


Memes guy women

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Final thoughts

How’d I do? I am sure I offended some readers here. Not my intent…but tell me about it. What did I get wrong? Right? Funny? Not so much? Hit me up on twitter or drop a comment!


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4 comments on “Travel Memes for the Ladies

  1. Cipher

    These were mostly funny and none offensive that I can think off at first glance. My favorite though was, about having to do laundry after a trip. Because come on, it seems like the men in my life need a map to get to the laundry room.

    1. The C Boarding Group Post author

      Whew….I am glad. Was a little worried. Glad u found them funny! Now I will go do some laundry…..


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