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Travel Tip Tuesday #19: Staying Connected is Important (to your loved ones!)

by Jeremy B

In our final Travel Tip Tuesday of the month we are bringing a healthy travel tip that has to do with mental and emotional health and specifically the value of staying connected while you travel for work.

We’ve been focusing on healthy travel tips this month! For the entire month of May we have been providing healthy travel tips in our weekly Travel Tip Tuesday series! This is our last one (sad face!). So far, we have touched on the importance of working out – and specifically, working out before dinner and The Importance of Staying Hydrated while traveling and last week we highlighted the principle of Something is Better Than Nothing!

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Stay Connected to your loved one while you travel!

Regular travel can suck the life out of you. Sleepless nights, jetlag and always having to be “up” for your customers or colleagues is draining. And, being away from loved ones can put you over the top in terms of being depressed or discouraged while traveling.

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That’s why it’s so important to stay connected to those loved ones while you travel. There are a variety of ways you can accomplish this goal:

  • Facetime / Skype. Video tech is amazing. The ability to see your loved one is an opportunity not to be missed. Use it!
  • Texting. I love to text my kids throughout my trips. I send my 7 year old cute GIFS, and my older kids things to let them know I care for them. I also text my wife and check in on her too.
  • Phone calls. Plain old phone calls work great too.
  • Letters. My wife will occasionally leave me a note or two in my suitcase when I leave. It always surprises me. I will write a note on the mirror before I leave sometimes too. My daughter will draw me pictures that I hang up or spread out in the hotel room. It keeps me connected.

A pro tip frequent travelers can use is to make sure you are HOME when you are HOME. It’s tempting to keep your work phone in your hand and keep on working through the down time. And there are times when that’s ok (it’s your job), BUT BUT BUT….that should be the exception. Spend time with your family when you are home. Love on them. Be with them. Store up some house credit if you will for your next trip and make your time count while you are there.

Frequent travel can be a thankless endeavor, but if you employ our last healthy travel tip this month and stay connected to your loved ones you can keep your mental and emotional health in tip top shape.


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Travel Tip Tuesday #19 Staying Connected is Important (to your loved ones!)

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