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Travel Tip Tuesday #26: Use a Takeoff Nap to recharge your energy levels

by Jeremy B

As a frequent business traveler I am often in the air and in a different time zone. Last week alone I hit 4 time zones as I flitted around the country (Chicago, Orlando, Phoenix, and of course my home state of CA). The takeoff nap is a trick I use to recharge my body’s batteries, if you will, and get a little energy back in the tank for the next leg of my trip.

It’s all about air travel this month! For the month of July we are bringing you air travel and airplane related travel tips and hacks. Be sure to tune back in each Tuesday for the next tip. And, you can read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

Travel Tip Tuesday Tip #26 – The Takeoff Nap

If you travel for work you live a unique life. You likely spend vast amounts of time in hotels, airplane lounges, rental car shuttles, and oh yes…airplane seats.

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You also probably spend a fair amount of time being tired. Maybe it’s jet lag (click here to learn how to fight jet lag). Maybe you are just tired because you are in a new time zone. Maybe you couldn’t sleep last night in your crummy hotel bed!

If that weren’t bad enough, business travelers are often interacting with customers. This means you have to be “on.†In other words, you have to be on your game, putting your best face forward to your client. Laugh at their jokes. Be interested in their kid’s college major, etc.

It can be exhausting!

And no amount of coffee can keep you going forever.

Here’s where my favorite business travel hack saves the day.

A takeoff nap is that delicious moment when your tired butt sinks into your airplane seat after a long day (or on a super early morning flight), you put your noise canceling headphones on, your eyes get heavy, and you slip off into a light sleep.

You are groggily awoken by the airplane’s bell dinging to inform everyone you are now at 10,000 feet, or by the flight attendant bumping you as they pass you with that cup of burnt coffee you so desperately realize you now want.

Speaking of coffee you might enjoy my humorous take/rant on coffee and the business traveler!

If you are like me you have trouble sleeping on a plane. There’s no chance I am falling completely asleep for a significant amount of time. Nope…not gonna happen.

But a takeoff nap? That’s the kind of business travel hack I can get behind! Continued…below


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The takeoff nap gives you just enough sleep to take the edge off a long day. A nice reboot to jump start your last push of the day to get home to your family or that little burst of energy to supercharge your day before you meet with your customer later that morning.

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I am always envious of those that can actually sleep on a plane. With a takeoff nap you usually aren’t really falling completely asleep. Just a little power nap, if you will.

I love it! And frankly, I need it most days.

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