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Travel Tip Tuesday #38 – Set 2 Alarms so you don’t oversleep (when traveling for work)

by Jeremy B

This week’s Travel Tip Tuesday is a simple one and it has to do with waking up on time while traveling for work. Always set two alarms to make sure you don’t oversleep. Read why, below.

Usually we focus in on a specific travel topic for our weekly Travel Tip Tuesday posts. However, for the month of October we are winging it! Anything goes! Each Tuesday we will do a deep dive into something travel related but unlike most months we could land anywhere…be sure to read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. 

Travel Tip Tuesday #38 – TBD

Set two alarms when traveling for work

Often when traveling for work we find ourselves in different time zones. We are also jet lagged in many cases and our sleep schedules can be a little screwy too.

In other words, we are often tired. Very tired.

This is why this simple trick I’ve used for years has helped ensure I don’t wake up late on my trip. I always set two alarms on two different devices.

Since I travel with two cell phones this is easy to do. But, if you have an iPad and a phone you can still do the same thing.

I also set the alarm on each phone at a different time. For example, if the time I need to get up is 5:30 I will set one alarm for 5:30 and maybe set the other for 5:40. This gives me a little buffer on a different device in the event I am hitting snooze a few times (been known to happen…).

If you want you can use the hotel wake up call service or the in-room hotel to help too, but I’ve come to NOT rely on those options every. Too risky…

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Travel Tip Tuesday #38 Set 2 Alarms so you don't oversleep

Travel Tip Tuesday #38 - Always Set 2 Alarms so you don't oversleep

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