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Use the United Dining Program to snag a few more Miles (Travel Tip Tuesday #47)

by Jeremy B

The United Dining Program offers a unique way to snag a few extra United Miles by dining at certain restaurants. It’s easy to sign up for, easy to use and can be an effective means in getting you a little closer to your dream vacation by helping you earn a few extra United Miles.

Each Tuesday we share a unique or interesting travel tidbit so be sure to read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here. In our 47th Travel Tip Tuesday posting we are looking at extra ways to earn United Miles. Last week’s post highlighted how to use the United Hertz partnership to score some extra United Miles

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How to use the United Dining Program and snag a few more Miles

United Dining Program – Travel Tip Tuesday #47

If you’ve been following this blog, we are planning a London trip and as such have been targeting schemes that will earn us additional United miles (and Hilton points). Historically, I’ve NOT flown United but my new company is a United-heavy firm so I’ve been in the process of making the switch over this year.

In fact, I have some work travel scheduled for 1Q 2020 that will take me to London and I am going to bring my family with me as part of a Bleisure trip. But I am feening for United Miles…lol. I will take them anywhere I can get them for good value.

Overview of the United Dining Program and the United Dining Bonus Offer

The United Dining program is a fairly common means of earning a few extra United miles by simply eating at a restaurants within the program – and ideally restaurants you’d have already planned on eating at.

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After signing up, you need to spend $25.00 or more at a restaurant within the system to earn 1000 United Miles. You can keep earning more (up to a total of 2500 miles) if you visit 3 more places.

And you can double dip. Meaning, you can register your United credit card with the United Dining Program and earn points from the spend as well as the dining transaction.

We did this recently, taking the family out for a meal at a place on the United Dining list. The only downside was that there are not that many places near where I happen to live, but we found one and had a great meal. Easy way to earn on something I was going to do anyway.

Here’s more info on the United Dining program.

There are 3 levels to the United Dining Program

The United Dining Program has three levels to it, each level earning additional points per dollar spent:

  • Basic: Basic members earn 1 mile per $2 spent on restaurants within the program. Members who elect NOT to receive email offers from United stay at this level.
  • Select: Select members earn 3 miles per $1 spent. Members who elect TO receive email offers from United are moved to Select level.
  • VIP: VIP members earn a whopping 5 miles per $1 spent

Once you complete 11 transactions within a year you start earning at the VIP level (on your 12th visit and beyond).

Frequently Asked Questions about the United Dining Program

Use the United Dining Program to score extra miles

Here are a few additional FAQs about the United Dining Program:

How do I join the United Dining Program?

It’s simple. First, you must have a United MileagePlus account. Second, create your account via this link and register your MileagePlus account with the United Dining Program. Lastly, link a credit card (ideally a United Credit Card) to your dining program. Then start eating at restaurants in the United Dining Program.

Does it cost anything to join the United Dining Program?

No. There is no charge to join the United Dining Program nor is there any additional fee on the dining transaction.

Do I need to identify the restaurant I intend to eat at BEFORE I eat there to get the miles?

No. Simply register your credit card (ideally a United product like the United Explorer card from Chase) and pay with that card when you eat at a restaurant within the program.

Do I have to use a United Credit card when using the United Dining Program?

No, although it wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it allows you to double dip on miles when you use a United Credit Card (like the United Explorer Card) because you earn miles on the spend as well as through the dining program.

How long does it take for United Dining Program Miles to show up in MileagePlus account?

Your dining transaction will show up in your United Dining Program profile within 5 days of the transaction. It will take roughly 6 to 8 weeks for miles to show up in your United MileagePlus account.

Although, my personal experience was it took about 3 weeks for the miles to hit my account.

Do I get a United Dining Program Member number or card?

No. There are no member cards issued for the United Dining Program nor any special member numbers because it is linked to your United MileagePlus account.

Does United run additional dining program offers from time to time?

Yes, the United Dining Program will occasionally run new offers for existing members. Often these offers are triggered by eating more frequently within the program, registering a new credit card, and completing a survey. Pay attention to your email for new offers from United.

Can I recommend a restaurant be added to the United Dining Program?

Yes. United Airlines encourages patrons to submit restaurants for consideration in the program. Here’s a link to submit a suggestion.

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Use the United Dining Program to snag a few more Travel Tip Tuesday 47

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