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The one thing you probably don’t have in your travel kit…but should

by Jeremy B

Many of your readers are frequent travelers and travel pros. They are on the road day in and day out. Maybe it’s for work (we get a lot of business travelers here) or maybe you live a nomadic life from a first class airplane seat (because you are points ninja). But there’s probably one thing not in your travel bag that really should be there.

The one thing you should have in your travel kit (but probably don’t)

Chances are you are a frequent traveler (or you’d not be here, is my guess). If you are like me you’ve got this whole travel thing figured out. You’ve got your own personal travel tips and tricks. You know how to get in and out of the airport, how to get upgraded more often than not and how to maximize your points and miles.

But, as my dad used to say, “Always be learning, Son.” So true. One tip I picked up sort of accidentally involved my rental car. My wife had bought me a magnetic cell phone mount for my personal car, but it was the wrong one. I’d requested an adhesive model (like this one) but she’d mistakenly grabbed one that connected to my AC mount. No biggie, just not what I wanted for my personal vehicle.

Not really thinking too much about it I tossed it in my Ogio Metro Backpack (which I use as my primary carry on) and a few days later when I pulled out of the National Rental Car facility on my next business trip I had an aha moment.

This wasn’t exactly a Da Vinci kinda of moment…but it was something super helpful. Instead of trying to find a place to put my phone in my rental car where I could actually see it while using the nav system I grabbed my AC mounted magnetic cell phone holder and clipped it to a vent.

Problem solved. Sure, this ain’t exactly rocket science, but it can be super frustrating having your phone sliding all over the floor of your rental or stuck in a cup holder in the middle section of your car or balancing precariously on your dashboard.

And of course, an adhesive model wouldn’t work because, well, you get it. 🙂

I tossed the rather flimsy model my wife bought me and instead opted for a better class version, the WizGear Pro AC Magnetic Cell Phone Mount. Boom.

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This excellently crafted little travel gadget (see 26 other travel gadgets here) is now in my permanent travel kit and goes with me every where. And while it ain’t exactly solving world hunger it does solve a common problem for frequent travelers (and it helps me avoid missing the exit to my Hampton Inn in Biloxi, MS. You should consider snagging one of these little fellas for your next trip.

In fact, you can read my full review of the WizGear AC Mount here.

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope you found something and that your holidays are full of joy, laughter, some booze, and good times. Be sure to drop us a comment or tweet us. We love to hear from our readers.

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Christian December 22, 2019 - 4:03 pm

Those things are amazing. I bought a set, liked them enough to buy more for my very reluctant wife. She loved them enough that now our whole family has them. Great convenience at a good price.

The C Boarding Group December 22, 2019 - 5:32 pm

100% agree!

Julie January 12, 2020 - 6:29 am

Informative article and very useful for travelers.Really interesting..!! Keep on going!!


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