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What to do if you forget a toiletry while traveling (some tricks of the trade) -

What to do if you forget a toiletry while traveling (some tricks of the trade) – Travel Tip Tuesday #42

by Jeremy B

It happens. You leave a toothbrush at home, or maybe that new travel size shaving cream bottle (you can picture it sitting on your kitchen counter). Dangit! Now what? It’s 7:00 AM and you need to drag that razor across your face and get to a meeting with a customer. There’s no time to run out to the store.

No worries…we got  you covered. In this week’s travel tip Tuesday post we are looking at what to do if  you forget a toiletry (or run out) while traveling.

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Travel Tip Tuesday #42 - What to do if you forget a toiletry while traveling?

If you’ve forgotten a toiletry item or perhaps run out while on a trip there’s a few possible solutions to consider.

Your Hotel May Just Save the Day

You think you’re the first person to forget their toothpaste? Hardly. Hotels almost always have a few toiletry essentials for you. You can nearly guarantee that they will have:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Shaving cream
  • Disposable razor

They probably won’t have things like hair gel or hair spray. Nope, for that you are on your own. And they likely won’t have aftershave.

Use what you got in the hotel room

If you are like me you usually realize you forgot your aftershave right after finishing shaving. This means you are standing in your hotel bathroom buck-ass naked (sorry…I know you won’t be able to get that visual out of your head…) with shave cream still hanging off your ear.

in a pinch...hotel room lotion can save the day

Here’s where a little trick I’ve learned can save the day. Most hotel rooms have lotion. And aftershave is really just special lotion.

But, in a pinch, you can use the hotel lotion as aftershave.

It’s not nearly as good as real aftershave, and often you will need to go get some real aftershave, but it can do in an emergency. Also, you will probably smelly like a eucalyptus tree…sigh. That sucks.

You can also use the shampoo or lotion as shaving cream too. I’ve ran out of my travel shave cream before or simply forgot it and you can use shampoo, body wash or lotion to get the job done.

Go out or go without

The worst case is that you have to run out to the store. Less ideal, for sure, but it’s an option. If you’ve forgotten something crucial (like your special eyeliner or your specific hair gel) you are heading out or going with out. No two ways about it.

That’s why in my 147 Business Travel Tips I recommend setting your toiletry gear out the night before. I array it on the counter of my hotel bathroom. If I am missing something I can easily spot it and have a chance to deal with it the night before my important work travel meeting the next day.

Speaking of toiletry tips I also recommend travelers buy their toiletries in bulk. Read here to learn how you can save big money on your travel hygiene gear by buying bigger quantities.

Christmas is just around the corner…we’ve got you covered in our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers….you are welcome.

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What to do if you forget a toiletry while traveling (some tricks of the trade the pros use)

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Chic_Travelista November 13, 2019 - 1:50 pm

If I forget something, I’ll either just go and grab it from the store or just go without it. One thing that I will recommend is that you never rely on anyone else’s toiletries when packing for your own. I’ve done this plenty of times when traveling with friends and companions. Only to be sadly disappointed.

Katy Liang November 13, 2019 - 8:32 pm

I have a huuuuge toiletry bag and somehow always still miss a thing or two 😛 Thankfully if I am travelling with friends, they’ve got it. If not, figure out how long I can do without it and buy a travel sized one accordingly!


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