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How to Fold your Towels like the Hotel does! Travel Tip Tuesday Number 21

Travel Tip Tuesday #21: How to Fold your Towels like the Hotel does!

by Jeremy B

Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday solves a maddening question: how do those hotels fold their towels so cool? You know what I am talking about. That little swan they fold or the cool shell looking towel.

It’s all about hotels this month! Yep, all of this June we are going to be bringing your hotel related travel tips and hotel hacks. Last week we highlighted how to make your bed look like a hotel made bed. Sweet!

So tune back in each Tuesday for the next tip. And, you can read all of the preceding Travel Tip Tuesday’s here

How to fold a hotel towel

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Unlike last week’s tip (where we walked readers through how to make their bed like a hotel does) we are just gonna get you straight to the videos. After all…we are not clever enough to pull this off. Maybe you are! Good luck – and share a picture of your result with us on Twitter.

See the videos, below.


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Check out these videos on how to fold your towels like the hotels do:

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Thanks for tuning in to Travel Tip Tuesday again

Thanks for tuning in this week! Please check back each Tuesday for a new travel tip.

Here in June we are deep diving on Hotel Tips and Hotel Hacks.

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Travel Tip Tuesday #21_ How to Fold your Towels like the Hotel does!

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