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Why is NYC the Best City to Visit?

Destinations: Best Big City to Visit on Business is…NYC

by Jeremy B

I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over most of this great country for work. I’ve seen some great places and some not so great places. Truth be told, most places have good things about them and sometimes even surprise you. In this post I am sharing what I think is the best big city to visit while on a business trip. In a subsequent post I will talk about the best small city.

For my money, there is no better “big city” to visit than the Big Apple.


I’ve visited every major large city in the US over the years so come from a place of some experience here. Several years back, though, I had the chance to work in NYC for about 2 weeks a month for almost 2 years. In addition to blasting through all of my loyalty status levels pretty quickly, I fell in love w/ New York.

It’s a crazy big city jammed full of people and traffic and steel. There’s a buzz to it. You can almost feel it. With that much time on my hands you have to get out and see the place.

I got really good at the subway system, able to navigate it with ease. Learned how to properly hail cabs and tell them where I am going. Even learned the city streets.

I ventured into various neighborhoods and sampled great food. Places like China Town, Brooklyn, the Bronx (not a great neighborhood) and Harlem. For my money the best meal (and Pizza) in NYC is at Lombardis. But Grimaldis is a close second.


I visited a great Indian restaurant w/ a Pakistani colleague and tasted the hottest Vindaloo in the universe. Couldn’t finish it.

I hit the old Yankee Stadium (and I HATE the Yankees) while A-Rod was sitting on 499 homers. Sat in right field (which is an experience) and had the single greatest baseball game experience of my life (and I HATE the Yankees). A-Rod didn’t hit his 500th.

I made it to the Mets Stadium which was ok, but no Yankee Stadium. Visited Greenwich Village, saw some crazy open mic poetry set to Jazz (crazy awesome). Visited all of the major tourist stuff. Brought the family one one business trip and did more tourist stuff.


I got scammed by a scalper trying to get into an AC-DC concert (that’s a 100 bux I won’t get back). Hit the Empire State Building which was pretty awesome (I am big Art Deco guy). Central Park. Brooklyn Bridge and lots of other local places that I can’t even remember but were pretty awesome.

They say NYC people are rude, and I guess they are. But I found it enduring in a strange way. I could not imagine raising a family in NYC, but if I were single, there’s about a 98% chance I’d be living in NYC.

No other city comes even close. I used to say I would rather fly to NYC than drive to LA (I live about a 1.5 to 4 hours away depending on traffic).

What’s your favorite big city?

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