Always Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

Travel Tip Tuesday #28: Always Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

In this month’s final Travel Tip Tuesday post we are highlighting the value of frequent flyer programs. Airline loyalty can reap you big rewards (and not just in points/miles). I this week’s Travel Tip Tuesday we are reminding users to invest in and stick with an airline’s frequent flyer program.

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Travel Tip Tuesday Tip #28 – Always Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

Frequent travelers already know this trick – especially the really savvy ones. They typically will travel one airlines for almost all of their travel. For example, my former boss only flies American. My current boss is a United gal, and I prefer Southwest. Yes, occasionally we will “cheat” on our preferred airline but it is usually the exception and usually cost or route related.

For example, when I fly to Seattle (from Socal) often it’s Alaska Airline tickets that are the cheapest and not Southwest. If the fare disparity is small I will usually stick with Southwest, but if it’s big enough to really matter I will choose the cheaper Alaska flight.

Some of this will depend on your company’s travel policy. Many companies require you to take THE cheapest flight. Other’s are more reasonable as long as YOU are reasonable and don’t abuse the system. And the savvy travelers will monkey with they travel times to help get their preferred airline choice. 

Sticking with a single airline (and signing up for their frequent flyer program) can bring the frequent traveler meaningful benefits. Never mind the points and miles you will collect which can be used for free flights, perks or other goods, but the status you will accrue can make your travel that much easier.

As an example, I mentioned earlier that I prefer to fly Southwest. Now, as an A-List member I get priority boarding passes (regardless of when I check in) which, if you know anything about Southwest, is a big deal. I also earn points faster the higher up the Southwest food chain I am. The highest level, A-List Preferred, offers even more benefits that can really make travel a lot easier.

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Each airline has it’s own program, rules and procedures, but they all generally share the same principles: sign up, fly a lot, earn status, get benefits. Some airlines will move you higher up the “upgrade” list which could mean you get a seat with more leg room or even a first class upgrade. On a long haul flight the extra leg room could be the difference between travel hell and travel “ok this isn’t so bad” land…

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And even if you are cheating on your favorite airline – sign up for the program and check out their credit card! Many times you can earn enough points, over time, and/or with a credit card offer to pay for a free flight. And, many times you can transfer your points somewhere else where you can use them more effectively.

The moral of story? Always, always, always sign up for the frequent flyer program and whenever possible, stick with a single airline. Rinse and repeat and watch your travel blues disappear!

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Travel Tip Tuesday #28_ Always Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

Always Be Sure to Sign up for the Frequent Flyer Program (and then stick with that airline!)

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