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Ultra Expensive Holiday Gifts for Travelers

Ultra Expensive Travel Gifts for the Holidays

by Jeremy B

If you’ve got deep pockets and nothing better to do with your cash this holiday season here are some ultra-expensive holiday gifts for travelers. Luxe much? Yep, from private jets to $10k suitcases, a fancy bed from your favorite hotel, and more we’ve assembled an interesting list of ultra-expensive travel gifts for the holidays.

Ultra Expensive Travel Gifts for the Holidays

Was it a good year for you? Did you short the right stock? Go all-in on crypto? Just have a crap ton of money lying around? We got your back. If you have piles of money to waste, here is your guide to ultra-expensive travel gifts.

Ultra Expensive Gifts for Travelers

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Did you know we’ve several gift guides for travelers? Yup. If you can’t find a gift for the person who travels you aren’t trying. Here’s a quick summary before you dive into travel-inspired gifts:

Ok, let’s get to the list of pricey gifts. Here we go…

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Really Expensive Luggage

Fancy luggage is one way to go if you are looking to toss off some extra money you have lying around. No need to go with a more reliable option like something from TravelPro…no let’s go big and expensive like a $10,000+ Suitcase from Luis Vuitton because that seems reasonable. <sigh>

a brown suitcase with gold accents
$10k seems reasonable…

Or if that’s not in your budget, how about this fancy leather suitcase which ain’t exactly cheap, by ANY means, but is not $10k…

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Travel to a Romantic Place…first class of course (or at least business class)

Traveling first class is always a luxurious way to go. Maybe a round trip fare from LAX to Paris for you and your special someone this Christmas and celebrate the holidays in the world’s most romantic city.

For a mere $11k PER ticket you can get a BUSINESS CLASS fare on United…no First Class Seats even available.

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Purchase a Westin Hotel Mattress…gulp

The Westin Heavenly Bed is one of the most comfortable beds sold and you can own it yourself by dropping some big coin on one via Amazon. This comfy bed will set your pocketbook back a bit but on the bright side, you will sleep like a baby.

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Check Westin Bed Price Here

Buy a Private Jet

Up your baller status a few orders of magnitude by buying a private jet. AVBuyer has a cute little Cessna for a cool $2.5m. Isn’t it a cute little fella? Don’t forget the pilot.

a white airplane on a concrete surface

Rent a Private Jet (or just purchase a piece of one)

If you are not Silicon-valley rich just yet maybe renting a private jet is the more economical method to go. Turns out you can do just that. You can also purchase a slice of the jet.

The company NetJets will allow folks to cooperatively purchase a private jet and/or rent one. There you go…an economical way to spend your money on frivolous things.

Get an annual subscription to the private airport terminal at LAX and hang with Celebs

The Private Suite is just that. It’s a private club replete with a private room to make your pre-flight experience a little less paparazzi.

For a mere annual fee of $3250 PLUS per flight, you can have all the peace and quiet you want. Talk about a suite gift…haha.

Buy a Yacht maybe

Who needs to go on a cruise when you can just buy a yacht.

Here’s one from Fraser Yachts for a relatively affordable $90m. I will be using my Amex card for that to hit the spending threshold, of course. Gotta get those points.

Instead of doing all that…maybe give that money to a charity?

Just saying. Maybe just maybe you donate that money to your favorite charity and book a coach flight, middle seat, to Kansas City and enjoy some great BBQ this Christmas instead of the Yacht.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Die Hard is my Favorite Christmas Movie

Merry Christmas to all of you! Hope you enjoyed the snark…

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Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also earn commissions from other affiliate programs as applicable.

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