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Use Hotel Privacy Signs to protect valuables (Travel Tip Tuesday #23)

Use Hotel Privacy Signs to protect valuables (Travel Tip Tuesday #23)

by Jeremy B

In our final Hotel-Related Travel Tip Tuesday for the month June we are bringing reader safety related advice.

It’s all about hotels this month! For the month of June we are bringing you hotel related travel tips and hotel hacks. Thus far, we’ve covered:

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Every hotel room has either a physical placard or something similar integrated into the door that is designed to let staff know you don’t want to be disturbed. In addition to the obvious use case of wanting some extra zzz’s in the morning you can also use these placards to make your hotel stay a little safer.

Sometimes we have to leave valuables in our hotel room (e.g. a laptop, or iPad, or some fancy Beats Headphones). And the last thing we want is for those valuables to grow legs and wander off.

Security is often a combination of activities (in the cyber world we called this defense in depth). This is a strategy that travelers can employ in the defense of their hotel valuables and your own personal safety for that matter.

For example, those fancy Beats Headphones should be stowed away and out of sight when you leave your hotel room. No need to leave them in plain sight for housekeeping to grab them. Sometimes an item is too large for a hotel safe to make sense – and not all hotels have safes.

Note: Often during my hotel stays I leave the room for the morning, heading to my office, etc, and take my valuables with me. The scenarios I am talking about here is when you come back to the room that evening and then maybe go out for dinner. 

I actually like to stow my valuables deep in my luggage and underneath my underwear…this is a great deterrent. In fact, so great, that someone decided to market this concept with a “dirty underwear travel safe” (I use the word “safe” very loosely here).

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Here’s a different brand that’s a little more theatrical:

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Yes….that’s a real thing.

Underwear safe’s aside, I also will drop the privacy sign on the door when I leave the room. Hotel staff will likely steer clear assuming a guest is in the room. You can also turn your TV on to further insinuate someone’s in the room improving the chances your gear will be safe. This hotel safety tip obviously doesn’t apply if you desire your room being serviced.


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For a bonus hotel safety tip, hang the sign when YOU are in the room to make sure they stay clear.

Ok, so to reiterate, here are the defense in depth strategies I employ when leaving valuables in my room:

  1. Bring valuables with me whenever possible
  2. Store them deep into your luggage and out of site
  3. Cover them some skivvies to ward off eager beavers
  4. Use your hotel room privacy sign when you leave the room
  5. Pop on the telly to suggest someone’s in there

Listen…if someone is determined to get your stuff…they are gonna get it. But use these Tips to ward off most and you will be just fine!

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Travel Tip Tuesday # 23 - Use Hotel Privacy Signs to protect valuables

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