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Travel Tip Tuesday Hands Free Phone Mount

Travel Tip Tuesday #7: Get an AC Mounted Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for your Rental Car

by Jeremy B

Travel Tip Tuesday is upon us! We are now seven deep in our new series of travel tips that we publish each Tuesday and we are back this week talking about rental cars and how to get around while you drive yours by using an magnetic, AC mounted cell phone holder (that’s a bit of a mouthful).

To catch you up on our series, here’s a list:

Travel Tip Tuesday: Rental Cars, Getting Lost, and AC Mounted Magnetic Cell Phone Holders

Often travelers will rent cars after arriving at their intended destination. However,  being in an unfamiliar locale we rely on our phone’s map-based GPS system to get around.

But, rental cars don’t have an easy way to hold our phones so we can drive hands free.

Our cars at home probably have a more permanently mounted solution but we can’t do that in our rental car. This is why an AC mounted removable magnetic cell phone holder is the perfect travel accessory for your next trip.

Travelers have many options, but our preference is the Wizgear phone mount, depicted below:

Image of Wizgear AC Mount 1

Wizgear AC Mounted Cell Phone Holder (Check Price)

We highly recommend travelers bring something like this them on all of your trips. You can read our product review here:

Product Review_ Wizgear Phone Mount

Travel safer and smarter with this travel tip!

Peace out Readers…see you next Travel Tip Tuesday…

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Cipher March 30, 2019 - 11:26 am

Got the Wizgear phone mount and I love it. Cannot do better, especially for the price.


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