top 5 travel tip tuesday posts of 2019

Top 5 Travel Tip Tuesday Posts of 2019 – so far…

We’ve reached the midway point of 2019 and our Travel Tip Tuesday series has been a resounding success! So, we thought we’d summarize our most popular and most interesting Travel Tip Tuesday posts for the first half of 2019. Here are the Top 5 Travel Tip Tuesday posts of 2019.

Travel Tip Tuesday #1: Don’t Leave your toothbrush in the hotel room

“Hotel life is a key part of the travel experience. If you travel you likely spend a lot of time in hotels. We’ve covered hotels safety tips extensively before, but we are highlighting a sort of gross, sort of funny, but super important travel tip in our first post: Never leave your toothbrush in the hotel room.” Read the rest of the article

Travel Tip Tuesday #16: Always Workout Before Dinner

“It’s hard to stay healthy when traveling. Different time zones, jet lag, eating out, plus the excitement of traveling (or drollness of yet another work trip…). But, staying healthy is so important. The calories can easily add up. And the workouts can slides…

It’s tempting to skip your workout under the auspices of feeling too tired or whatever. But don’t. You can’t. Staying healthy requires consistent effort on your part and it requires regular workouts. One trick I’ve used over the years is to make sure that I workout BEFORE I eat dinner.” Read the rest of the article

Travel Tip Tuesday #6: Research your destination’s history!

“Regular business travelers have a tendency to want to move fast. We are usually on the go and trying to get to our destination and then get back. However, a trick I learned a few years back is to spend a little time researching the area’s history before you get there.” Read the rest of the article

Travel Tip Tuesday #20: How to Make your Bed Exactly like a Hotel Bed

“How the heck do hotels get their beds looking so amazing!? My bed never looks like that and I doubt yours does either. If you are curious how hotels make their beds look so awesome and you want to replicate this in your home read on. Today’s Travel Tip Tuesday, the first in our focus on hotel tips and tricks, is all about the making a hotel bed.” Read the rest of the article

Travel Tip Tuesday #9: Crappy Luggage Gets you Crappy Result

“If you plan on doing any sort of serious travel (like regular business travel or are extended vacation type travel) good quality luggage is a critical element. It’s tempting to try to go the cheap route, but, as mentioned, if you get crappy luggage you get crappy results.” Read the rest of the article

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