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We are now several months into this this COVID-19 mess and travel is slowly starting to open back up. But things are still weird and wacky, which, of course, calls for a fresh batch of COVID-19 travel memes.

The Best New COVID-19 Travel Memes to remind you how nutty the travel industry still is right now

by Jeremy B

We are now several months into this this COVID-19 mess and travel is slowly starting to open back up. But things are still weird and wacky, which, of course, calls for a fresh batch of COVID-19 travel memes. And we are happy to oblige.

In the early days of the pandemic we dropped a few travel-themed coronavirus memes that were pretty popular, but now that we’ve settled into a new normal and travel is inching back we had to update ’em. Here’s a new batch of COVID-19 Travel Memes that reflect the current state of this still crazy industry.

PS…this is humor so don’t get your shorts in a bunch. Laugh. It helps.

People who clap for plane landings

How annoying is it when people clap when the plane lands? Use this handy chart gauge your level of annoyance and social distance thereby required to appropriately interact/avoid with them.

Keep your Distance Airplane Meme

Airline CEOs right now…yeah, it’s not fine

The travel industry is a total wreck right now. Some are being honest about, other’s maybe just a wee tiny bit optimistic.

Airline CEO Memes about COVID

Good luck trying to book that business trip right now

HR, my boss, the entire company when I try to come up with a good reason to book a business trip right now…they just laugh. Don’t they don’t how long I’ve been cooped up here at home? I desperately need a hotel bed and a nice first class upgrade.

Business Travel Meme - HR laughing

Airline face mask policies are all bark and no bite right now

It’s basically total chaos when it comes to face mask policies right now. Some are pretty wimpy (looking at you Spirit) while some cover every possible aspect (ahem, United). Some, like BA barely exist! And they are not universally enforced, that’s for sure.

Airline Face Mask Policy Memes

I am so confused right now

Speaking of airline face mask policies, what in the holy heck is going on. They are both required and not enforced. Seems like a perfect recipe for an in-flight kerfuffle. Also, some airlines are taking temperatures to get on the plane and some aren’t. It’s all so confusing, lol.

AIRLINES face mask confusion meme

Go home UK, you’re drunk

The UK’s quarantine program is a little nutty right now. Just saying.

UKs quaratine policy meme is stupid

Hey travel is back, right?

Er, yeah, sort of. Travel is coming back, slowly but surely and it crossed the 500k daily passenger mark recently, but dang, there’s a long way to go still. Don’t wipe the dust off your crossbody anti-theft travel purse just yet…but at least know where it’s at in your garage.

Travel is greater than 500k daily

Las Vegas is going to make up their COVID losses one resort fee at a time

Las Vegas is back with a vengeance, killer resort fees and all. Yay us. <–sarcasm.

COVID 19 Memes Resort Fees Las Vegas

I am so jealous right now

Yeah, I’d love to be traveling right now. But, sadly, I am not. So, yeah, those of you that are traveling right now…yeah, reading your trip report hurts man. It’s hurts right here.

cool story bro meme about travel

Don’t even ask. Just walk away.

All I did was ask if I book one little tiny business trip. Sheesh. HR may have overreacted…

tryin to book business trip meme

Still sad

No travel for you (or me).

Still not able to travel meme

Travel is back!!! Ish…

Count us in the mix of being pretty pumped about travel climbing from it’s April lows of 87k to just a tad over 500k passengers. We are airline nerds, ok? Don’t judge us.

Travel Is Back Meme

Hertz is playing the game on levels we don’t understand

After filing for bankruptcy, Hertz decided to issue a bunch of stock. Ok? Wait, did I miss something?

Hertz Bankruptcy Memes

Not a lot of time was put into Spirit’s Face Mask Policy

I can picture it now:

“Hey, should we have a face mask policy?”

“Yeah, boss, let’s do that”

“Should we do some research and make sure it’s clear?”

“Nah, we are a discount airline.”

Spirit Airlines Face Mask Policy meme

Literally my first trip

This will be me on the first trip. I can hardly wait. The 11 other people in the airport with me will be looking at me weird, but I will have no shame.

travel again meme

Everyone is selling face masks right now.

From mattress companies, to clothing manufacturers, bloggers (hehe), online print stores, literally anyone who can sew in their craft room, and everything in between, face masks are super popular right now.

face masks are so hot right now meme

I am rich in my own mind at least

Well, I’ve got a crap ton of miles and points just sitting there right now. It’s a long term investment, ok?

so many airline miles I can't use meme

Too soon?

Probably. But, it’s true.

Profits are Gone

Airlines are blocking the middle seat and we are like: “silver lining!!”

Several airlines, including JetBlue, are blocking middle seats and I think we can all agree that’s a bright spot in the midst of all this mess.

No one in the middle seat travel meme

Yeah, we are not paid enough to deal with this

FAs are not wading into this face mask mess…unless your Aeroflot.

FA Face Mask Enforcement Meme

Apparently we all get face masks

The DOT must have added an extra zero to a recent face mask purchase order and now they are giving out 100 million of them free of charge to airlines and train stations.

DOT Free Face Mask Travel Meme

It’s hard to stay on point right now

Guilty. Yep, we’ve been a little all over the place with topics we’ve been writing about. We’ve covered backyard toys, water toys, scavenger hunts (wtf), side hustles, work from home gear, etc. Sigh. At least we aren’t alone.


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Let’s end with a friendly dig at TPG

It’s kinda hard to hock travel credit cards when no one is traveling. It’s actually a breath of fresh air.

TPG cant sell ccs right now meme

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